What will be the Average Minimum Cost for a Back Surgery?

Back pain is a common pain among people. Minor back pains are caused by weak bones, stress on the back bones due to wrong posture during sitting or sleeping. Severe back pains are caused due to a variety of reasons that include bone infections, slip discs or damage due to undue pressure or stress on the back by carrying heavy loads.

Back surgery is a boon to people with severe and chronic back pain for who pay a heavy price due to the back pain that renders them almost immobile. Back surgery can cost the patient a good sum of amount, but anyone should try to calculate and compare the benefits of the back surgery against the cost of not having one.

A lot of information is available these days regarding back surgery procedures, different alternatives due to new advancements and new surgical instruments, cost of surgery, recovery procedures etc and a patient will be well advised to get as much information as possible and also discuss with the doctor about all the details.

The cost of back surgery consists of several items. As for the surgical cost, it varies based on the complexity of the surgery. Basic surgeries like Hernia removal using endoscopic back surgery, decompression etc. cost about 6000 to 8000 USD. Complicated surgeries like Spondylodesis fusion back surgery, cost anywhere from 15000 – 17000 USD.

These are very rough estimates and a patient should consult with his doctor and his insurance providers about the exact back surgery cost and also whether the insurance covers it or not. Even the surgery to remove the patient’s own bones during the spinal fusion back surgery can cost about 3000 USD. While calculating the cost of the back surgery, patients should also calculate the cost of the hospitalization charges, medicines, and post surgery recovery periods (help of a nurse might be required).

Further, patients should know that they might have to be in a period of rest for sometime ranging from weeks to months. They might not be able to attend their work in a normal way during this period and so they might have a reduction in their salaries too. These should be considered while considering the back surgery.

Back surgery costs might be a bit on the high side. But patients should consider the cost of not having the surgery, which might render them immobile and not effective to continue their work and can turn to be a dangerous ailment to leave untreated. Insurance coverage to back surgery might vary based on the policy, particular insurance provider and depending on the type of surgery. Patients should consult and confirm about the coverage and coverage levels.

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