Back Surgery for Pinched Nerve

What is a Pinched Nerve?

Nerves are the carriers of information from the brain to all parts of the body and vice versa. The nerves include motor nerve or efferent nerve which carries the main information from the human brain to all parts of our body.

The sensory nerves or the afferent nerves in turn bring back the information sent by the body to the brain. The information travels like an electrochemical signal along the nerves and in the case of a pinched nerve these signals will get interrupted at some way in its path.

Pinched nerve is usually seen when the surrounding tissue gives so much pressure upon the nerve due to cartilages, bones or muscles. This interrupts the functioning of a nerve and causes weakness, pain etc.

Procedure of Back Surgery for Pinched Nerve

The surgical treatment for Pinched Nerve mainly includes an open back surgery which consists of hospital stays, long recuperation period and high risks. It is mainly an outpatient surgery which helps to solve the problems caused by pinched nerves and relieve the patient from painful symptoms. Laser spine procedures are being performed in order to take away the pain causing herniated disc which disturbs the nerves.

Using lasers, the disturbing disc materials are removed and the spinal cord is freed out of pain. Thus the symptoms found due to a pinched nerve can be removed.

When the surgery procedure is completed, the patient is kept under monitoring for about 1 to 2 hours and allowed to go home. Post operative checkups with the Doctor are mandatory for the patient in order to get complete cure after the surgery.

Complications after the Back Surgery for Pinched Nerve

Since Back Surgery for Pinched Nerve is an open back surgery, the patient should be aware of the complications that can be found after the surgery. The main complications seen after the surgery are listed below:

• Excess bleeding and infections are very commonly found soon after the surgery.

• Allergic reactions can be found due to the anesthesia given during the surgical procedures.

• Major complications can be found due to an incorrect performance of surgery.

• Another problem found is the impact caused in the tissues on the nerve root.

• Failure of fusion hardware or rejection of bone grafts is also commonly found.

• Few people experience a kind of decompression in the affected nerves.

• The recovery period after the surgery is very long.

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