Information about Latest New Technology Advancements in Back Surgery

One of the most severe and painful ailments that affects humans is back pain. In most of the cases it is a minor pain that is caused mostly due to old age and degeneration of bones etc. In extreme cases, the pain can be excruciating and can cause numbness of legs and can render a person immobile for the most part.

The causes for back pain vary largely from degenerated or damaged discs, pinching of nerves, inflammation or infection in the discs, unwanted growths etc. The age old cures for back aches include massaging, acupuncture etc. Cures of the new world or the Modern era for the back pain include different methods back surgery.

This realm of medicine and surgery has been undergoing changes very frequently due to the inventions of new technology, new surgical procedures, instruments etc and these are making back surgery more are more simpler. New inventions in back surgery include genetically modified protein that induces a patients bones to grow.

This new technique removes the need for a surgery (before the back surgery) in order to remove healthy bone chips from a patients body (mostly from the hips) which will be used during the back surgery to replace the damaged discs that are removed from the spine.

Thus this technique makes one surgery redundant and reduces the operation time, healing time and speeds up the recovery procedure. It also eliminates the pain that occurs in the area from where the bone is removed, that is normally associated with the patients during their recovery period.

Another new invention that is making back surgery an easier task for both the surgeon and the patients is the Laser. Laser can be used in back surgery to help reduce the big incisions that are normally made. Laser can also be used to remove unwanted growth. It is extremely accurate and hence the surrounding parts are not affected during the surgery. New ways of using laser in back surgery are being experimented.

It is estimated that lasers and other new discoveries will ensure that most of the back surgery will be performed in a minimally invasive way in contrast to the open way, in which large incisions have to be made and large number of muscles have to stripped and moved in order to make way for the instruments during the surgery. New inventions are thus making the back surgery easier for the surgeon and the patient, and are also making it safer, less painful and lot economical.


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