Back Surgery Laminectomy

Laminectomy refers to a surgery done in the spinal cord to remove the lamina, a portion of the vertebral born.

What is Back Surgery laminectomy?

The Back Surgery Laminectomy is also known as open decompression and it is mainly done for lumbar spinal stenosis to reduce the neural impingement pain.

Back surgery laminectomy involves cutting a small part of the disc material surrounded to the nerve root and thus allows more space or vacuum for the better healing.

In most of the elderly patients, a case of spinal stenosis occurs due to the enlargement of facet joints and these joints gradually offers pressure on the nerves. Such a condition can be very effectively resolved by laminectomy.

Back Surgery Laminectomy Procedure

In Back Surgery Laminectomy, small incisions are made on the skin and the back muscles are kept aside instead of being cut. The vertebra parts which are very near to the lamina are left undamaged. In the traditional form of surgery, the entire backbone is removed along with the ligaments and muscles attached to it.

The recovery period after Back Surgery Laminectomy may vary according to the type of laminectomy the patient undergoes. Recovery period will be in days in case of minimal procedure surgery and weeks or months for a conventional open surgery.

Cost of Back Surgery Laminectomy

The cost of Back Surgery Laminectomy mainly depends on the type of surgery performed. A less complicated laminotomy needs only a little time spent in a spine centre or hospital. Tens of thousands of dollars is normally spent by the patient for surgery without including the cost of operating room and overnight stay in hospital. A less complicated laminectomy costs around $15,000 USD. Remember that the cost of surgery is less important when compared to the favorable results of the surgical procedure.

Exercise restrictions to be followed after Back Surgery Laminectomy

• After the Back Surgery Laminectomy, the patient should be careful while doing movements. The patient must not bend or twist.

• The patient must not lift heavy objects. Light weight objects weighing less than 10lb can be lifted by the patient by bending the knees using thigh muscles.

• Sports practice can be avoided.

• Aerobic activities like running, jogging etc should be avoided because this may cause movement of spine and pelvis.

• Back strengthening and abdominal exercises can be practiced six weeks after the Back Surgery Laminectomy.

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