Laser Surgery for Back Pains

Back surgery has provided a lot of relief and rehabilitation for patients suffering from severe back pain. Chronic back pain has the ability to immobilize people with pains shooting through lower back, numbing one or both legs and making life very difficult. Back surgery is not the only cure for back pain, but for the chronic ones, it is one of the best and most common solutions.

Laser or Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation has been one of the important advancement in recent times, and along with its many uses in many walks of life, it is extremely useful in back surgery too. Laser assisted back surgery is becoming common these days, as its uses are being felt both by the surgeons and the patients and information about laser and its usage is being freely available.

Back surgery is considered of two types – open surgery and minimally invasive Surgery. In Open surgery the surgeon normally needs to make large incisions in the back, and strip or move muscles in order to get a good view and good access into the spine. This will translate into more anesthesia, more time for the operation, increase in recovery times etc.

Minimally invasive techniques use new instruments and technology like laser to reduce the incisions, and make the back surgery simpler, by making small holes, to send in tubes or instruments to get a view of the spine or to handle the procedures in a back surgery. Of late the advancements in computer technology, imaging, laser etc are such that they are indicating a trend where most of the back surgery will soon be done in a minimally invasive manner.

Laser can be used in variety of ways in back surgery. It can be used to shrink or tighten disc material. It can be used to separate or eliminate tissue or to remove unwanted growth. Laser can be used along with sophisticated computer technology in order to point the laser beam to a particularly minute point in the back during the surgery.

Use of laser in back surgery helps the surgeons to make the surgery a simple one, by requiring smaller incisions and also by helping in to make the surgery more accurate and efficient. In this manner, it also helps the patients as the recovery times and hospitalization times are reduced dramatically. Laser in back surgery is here to stay and to make the lives of both patients and surgeons a lot better.


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