Surgery for Herniated Disc in Lower Back

Need for the Surgery for Herniated Disc in Lower Back

A herniated disc is a condition that affects the spine where a tear is formed which tents to bulge the soft portions. The tears which formed in the disc ring produce an inflammatory chemical which causes severe pain in the spine.

To cure Herniated Disk in Lower back, the Doctor will first suggest non surgical treatments. Non surgical treatment for Herniated Disk in Lower back is found to be very useful in 90% of people. This treatment involves:

• Anti inflammatory medications and muscle relaxes to relieve pain.

• Ice compresses to be used several times a day.

• Heat applications in a gentle way for any spasm settle.

• Physical activities like bending, lifting etc to be done in a very slow manner or it should be controlled.

However in case of failure of non surgical treatment, Surgery for Herniated Disc in Lower Back is recommended by the Doctor.

About Surgery for Herniated Disc in Lower Back
When a patient has symptoms of Herniated Disk problem, then the Doctor will do detailed clinical evaluation, neck examination, abnormal reflexes and few more tests to locate the herniated disc.

When herniated disc is located, Doctor tries with non-surgical treatments and if it does not work then the Doctor recommends Surgery for Herniated Disc in Lower Back. When accepted by Patient, the Doctor decides on the surgical procedure.

Type of surgical procedure chosen depends mainly on the position and size of the herniated disc. The surgical procedures are done by giving general anesthesia to the patient. The treatment can be an outpatient basis or an overnight stay in the hospital is needed. After the surgery the patient can go back to his work in about 4 to 6 weeks.

How to Avoid Surgery for Herniated Disc in Lower Back
If a person has to avoid undergoing Surgery for Herniated Disc in Lower Back then the person has to carefully follow the precautions mentioned below:

• Exercises should be done regularly for the strengthening of abdominal muscles. Less stress activities like brisk walking, stationary bicycling etc can be practiced.

• Bending and lifting practices should be avoided. Instead, correct lifting techniques can be practiced.

• While standing and sitting correct postures have to be maintained.

• If the person has a habit of smoking, avoid it because it is a major risk factor for the hardening of arteries which is called arthrosclerosis. This might also cause disorders like degenerative disc and also lower back pain.

• Stress situations should be avoided as it is a major reason for tension of muscles. Healthy weight should be maintained.

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