Is Surgery for Sciatic Nerve Pain Really Necessary?

Sciatic nerve is one of the longest, single nerves in the human body that runs on each side from the lower spine through the thighs down to the foot. It connects the spinal cord with the leg and foot muscles.

Sciatica is the most common pain when the sciatic nerves or the spinal nerves get compressed leading to severe pain in the lower back and legs. The leg pain is acute when compared to the back pain.

This pain is caused due to the pressure of the lumbar disc herniation on the nerves, which in turn gives irritation, or inflammation of the sciatic nerves.

The other causes for this pain could be a bone, muscle or some injury nearby. Sometimes internal bleeding or infection due to some injury can cause sciatic pain. Inflammation or pain of this sciatic nerve is caused during pregnancy also.

The pain can be numbness, irritation, tingling sensation or weakness depending upon the pressure on the nerve. Cramps or burning sensation in thighs can also be sciatic pain. The pain shoots from the buttocks down to the legs of the person.

The pain intensifies while doing the normal chores like squatting, coughing, which gives pressure on the sciatic nerve. People around 30 to 50 are the ones mostly affected. The pain could start due to over exertion or due to back injury.

The doctor recommends medications, exercises and ice packs, which can bring relief to the stressed muscles. However, if the patient does not find any relief even after three months of treatment then surgery is the solution.

There are different types of surgery for this sciatic nerve pain. Lumbar laminectomy or the open decompression for the sciatica relieves the pain caused due to the spine stenosis

Microdisecectomy or the micro decompression of the spine relieves the sciatic from pressure through surgery for patients experiencing lumbar herniated disc.

Earlier, an open back surgery was done to cure this sciatic pain but is had lots of risks and complications.

Today, the Laser Spine Institute offers an invasive, safe, and effective form of surgery, which leaves the patient with very little pain and other side effects and complications. After shrinking or removing, the herniated disc the nerve is relaxed with the help of laser, which puts an end to the sciatic nerve pain.

However, surgery is not for everyone and the doctor suggests a surgery only for acute cases, especially when the patient finds it very difficult to perform regular tasks, even walking.

The best way to get relief from this sciatic nerve pain is from medications and regular exercises that can improve the muscle strength of the body, which in turn can reduce the sciatic nerve pain. Eighty to ninety persons suffering from this sciatic nerve pain get relieved once they start on regular exercises. So, with proper workouts and medicines this sciatic nerve pain can be treated and solved without surgery.

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