About Gastric Bypass Surgery

A gastric bypas surgery is an operation that is performed for those people who are willing to lose weight in a short period. This surgery is performed as a last resort only. Recommendations for other weight loss programs are done and if they do not work out properly then a gastric bypass is done.

The changes done by a gastric bypass surgery is irreversible. People who want to lose more weight in the order of 100 pounds are usually recommended for this surgery. Obese people with BMI of more than 40 are the right candidates for these operations. In a gastric bypass the stomach is made small so that the food that is allowed to be taken is drastically reduced. A pouch is made in the stomach for this purpose.

The initial length of the intestine is bypassed the the remaining part is connected to the pouch that is made in the stomach. As a net result the length of the intestine is reduced. Due to this the food that is absorbed by the intestine is also reduced. This combination of effects reduces the weight of the concerned person over a short period. Within 12 months you can see visible changes in weight loss.

People who have undergone these bypass sugery would have lots of skin hanging loose around their abdomen, between the arms and shoulders, thighs, breasts, face, and the neck. This might look ugly for the person. Hence a person who has undergone a gastric bypass surgery would take up plastic surgery for fixing these skin properly and to give a new image to the person. The cost of the plastic surgery varies depending upon the areas in which the skin has to be tightened.

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