Herniated Disc in Neck Surgery

A herniated disc in the neck may cause severe bulging in cervical region and it tears off the layers found outside the disc. It also causes spinal stenosis which is the narrowing of spinal cord. Patients with herniated disc may experience severe pain in the back portion of neck.

Herniated neck surgery implements effective methods for curing pain caused due to herniated disc in neck.

Indications of Herniated Disc in Neck Surgery
Herniated Disc in Neck Surgery is recommended in the following cases:

• If the conservative management methods like anti inflammatory medications, analgesic medications, physiotherapy etc are failed.

• If the pain caused by the herniated disc is not responding to any medications and it limits your day today activities.

• If there is occurrence of nerve compression due to the weakness in muscles.

Herniated Disc in Neck Surgery Procedure

The surgery for herniated disc in neck can be performed in different ways. The surgery mainly includes spinal fusion followed by anterior cervical discectomy, spinal fusion without anterior cervical discectomy and also posterior cervical discectomy. The most commonly performed surgery for herniated disc in neck is spinal fusion which is preceded by the procedure of anterior cervical discectomy.

In this surgical procedure an incision of about 1 inch is made initially in the front portion of the neck. Through the incision made, the disc which is herniated is removed carefully. The space which is left after the disc removal is then made to fuse with a plate which is optional. This plate is added for the additional stability of the neck.

Complications of Herniated Disc in Neck Surgery

Complications that occur after Herniated Disc in Neck Surgery are listed below:

• Nerve damage is very commonly found in patients, which may even lead to the damage of spinal cord itself.

• The patient may even lose complete functioning of nerves. This results in severe pain, weakness, numbness, or even complete paralysis in one or more muscles.

• Blood clot formation is another problem found and infections are also seen.

• There is also a risk due to the anesthesia used during the surgical procedures.

• Another complication found is the damage to the throat. It includes the damage of blood vessels, trachea, larynx and even the thyroid glands which are found at the front neck.

• Few complications like continuous pain in the neck portion and also severe pain which spreads across the areas of arm are also seen.

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