Back Surgery for Herniated Disc

What is Herniated Disc?
Herniated disc is also termed as slipped disc. The Herniated Disc problem mainly occurs when a part of spinal cord is forced through the weak part of the disc and this causes pressure to the nerves nearby thereby leading to extreme pain.

Symptoms for Herniated Disc Occurrence

• Main symptom indicating occurrence of Herniated Disc is varied pain in the neck and back portion of the body.

• Initially the pain will be very less and later it will get worse while standing, sitting sneezing, laughing, bending or walking.

• Dull ache, burning sensation, tingling effect and a case of difficulty in moving.

• Heavy pain on buttocks or on one part of leg is commonly found.

• The person may also feel weakness of muscles and find pain while lifting legs or arms.

How to Cure Herniated Disc?

The Herniated Disc problem is generally treated with physical therapy, pain medication, epidural injections and chiropractic therapy. If the pain is still persisting after undergoing these treatments, then this problem can be treated only by performing back surgery for the herniated disc.

Procedure of Back Surgery for Herniated Disc

The back surgery procedure for Herniated Disc is termed as Disectomy and in this surgery an incision of about 1 to 1.5 inches is made at the back and then the part which disturbs the nerves is removed. A little part of the damaged disc is being removed for avoiding further complications. Initially the patient is given general anesthesia and the surgery takes 1 or 2 hours to complete while the patient is made to lie on his stomach.

Recovery Time after Undergoing Back Surgery for Herniated Disc
After undergoing Back Surgery for Herniated Disc, the patient will recover in six weeks to eight weeks time. After the surgery, the patient has to be hospitalized for one or two days for observation. After discharge, the patient is allowed to walk and sit. However, bending or twisting the back and performing exercises should not be done for at least a month.

Complications after Back Surgery for Herniated Disc

• Infection, bleeding and leak of spinal fluids are commonly seen after the surgery.

• Long period of back pain can be experienced in most of the people.

• Functioning of bladder and bowel may be lost periodically.

• The condition of losing movement of feet and legs are also found.

• In few patients, injury of spinal cord is also rarely seen.

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