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Plastic surgery is a pretty common operative procedure that is undertaken by many people these days. The word plastic in plastic surgery does not represent the modern plastic which has become an essential element of various facets of our life, but it is derived from a Greek word “Plastikos” which is “to shape, mold or give form”. The early cases of plastic surgery were mainly performed as a surgical procedure to restore the shape and function of the parts that have been affected due to accidents or injury

In the past several years, plastic surgery has gone through a lot of improvements and advances and has become a very common procedure for aesthetic surgery where celebrities and other influential people want to change themselves to look better, and also for reconstructive surgery where it is used to mainly restore the function of the part that is affected, or to entirely rebuild the part for the patient. Cosmetic surgeries include fat suction, face lifts, reshaping of noses, ears, removing wrinkles or laugh lines etc while reconstructive surgeries include repair of fixing of severe injuries or cuts, use of skin grafts to repair disfigurement in case of accidents or burns, repair of lip clefts etc.

In recent times, advancement in terms of technology, surgical instruments, surgical procedures and the fund of research and information available has made the plastic surgery a safe and common procedure. The surgery is done under local or general anesthesia as required and has been tested and practiced well. Surgeons have to go through rating and certifications that include years of surgery and various tests and examinations. Advancement like virtual reality can be used well to show the patients the various effects, options and also can display the effects of aging etc.


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