Back Surgery - A Proven Solution for Chronic Back Pains

Back pain is one of the most common causes of severe pains in people. Back pains are very common in most countries and most of the population suffers from it. The common causes of back pain are old age and bone degeneration. Other causes include severe strain on the back by strenuous tasks like lifting or moving heavy objects and also inflammations or infections on the back etc.

One of the solutions to chronic back pain is back surgery. Although a lot many people experience back pain, surgery is required and practiced only on a small percentage of the cases – typically about one tenth of the cases. Minor cases of back pain, do not required surgery and might be cured by medicines, exercises, yoga, stretching etc. In cases where the back pain is continuous, chronic, or where the pain spreads to the legs to create numbing sensations etc, surgery is considered.

Back pain is a severe pain and similarly back surgery is a not a minor surgery. The surgery often involves making large incisions in the back and moving large portions of muscles so that the surgeon gets a good look at the spine and also gains accessibility to the portions that are to be treated.

Certain cases of back pain will be caused due to damaged or ruptured disks in the spine, and in these cases the surgery would involve, removing the damaged discs and placing bone chips that are taken from other parts of the body (normally hips) in that space. The expectation is that the bones will grow and fuse together.

In other cases, which are also very common, the back pain might be caused by jamming or pinning or nerves. During movements, the patients will suffer intense pain, as it shoots through the nerves. These will be cured by decompressing or releasing the affected nerves during the surgery.

Recent advances in the study of back pain and also in surgery, surgical techniques, surgical procedures and tools, have been making back surgery an easier experience compared to before. Laser is one such invention that is being used to reduce the incisions, make the back pain surgery more accurate and to reduce the recovery periods for the patients.

Sometimes, even genetically engineered protein is used in place of bone chips from other parts of the body, to induce bone growth, thus reducing the need for a surgery to collect the bone chips. Such inventions are helping the surgeon and the patients alike in treating back pain, by making the surgery easier and simpler.

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