About Back Surgery

Back pain has been haunting people for a very long time. Pain in the back is normally regarded as pretty troublesome and painful. A lot of people suffer from back pain, and the normal causes are due to old age, abnormal strain on the back by lifting or pulling objects, or physical activity. Pain can also be due to inflammations, infections etc.

Although there are a lot of people experiencing back pain, not all of them require surgery. Some basic treatments like physiotherapy, massaging and other alternate treatments like yoga etc, can cure some basic pains. In more sever cases, surgery is the option. Back surgery is a serious undertaking and can be a pretty daunting task. The surgery normally involves making incisions and cuts in the back in order for the surgeon to gain access, visibility to the spine.

Spinal fusions involve removing degenerated discs in the spine that might be causing problem. These discs will be replaced by bone grafting from other places in the body, say hips. So, practically this involves two surgeries. Recent advancements have made the surgeries simpler, with the use of genetically engineered protein to replace the discs instead of bone chips from other parts of the body, thus reducing the initial surgery to get the bone chips.

In other surgeries, nerves that are being jammed or pinched and thus have been causing severe pain are decompressed and freed to ease the pain. Laser has also made big difference in the way incisions are made and make the surgery and the recovery process a lot simpler.


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