About Back Surgery Syndromes

Back pain has been one of the worst ailments affecting people for a long time. It affects a vast majority of people and although in some cases, it can be cured with simple techniques like stretching, traction or physiotherapy, other chronic cases required back surgery. The condition of chronic back pain with its associated symptoms that indicate the need for back surgery can be called back surgery syndrome.

There are multiple causes for back pain hence we cannot pinpoint one or two reasons or symptoms for the back surgery syndrome. One of the causes of chronic back pain can be degenerated or damaged discs in the spine. These can either be caused due to old age or can also be caused due to extreme physical activity or unnatural stress etc.

Other common cause for pain in the lower back is the pinching of nerves. This causes great pain and can sometimes be relieved by changing position etc, but might have to be treated with surgery in most cases. The increase in the number of back surgery cases is a consequence of the syndrome caused by such cases.

Some of the symptoms that might indicate or lead to a back surgery syndrome are chronic pain in the back, increase in pain when a person coughs or sneezes, pain or numbness that travel down the legs, These symptoms need not necessary indicate back surgery syndrome, but these definitely necessitate a visit to the doctor and a complete check-up in order to find out the reasons or causes for the problem and also the possible options for cure.

Back surgery syndrome, is spreading widely partly because of the increase in availability of medical information, specifically about back pains, surgery procedures and other details and partly because of the increasing emphasis that people place on good health and preventive measures. Symptoms that can be the reason of back pain syndrome are being made available to a good extent and people should take these seriously and act swiftly.

Back surgery is not the only solution for those suffering from back surgery syndrome. But even in case of back surgery, recent improvements and inventions like laser have made the surgery lot simpler and easier for the surgeon, by reducing the need to make large incisions or cuts on the back and also helped the patients by reducing the pain and speeding up the recovery process to a large extent.


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