Reasons for Pain After Back Surgery?

Back surgery is commonly used to relieve patients of chronic and severe back pain. Problems in the back can be caused due to minor things like change of positions during sitting or sleeping, or the stress caused by standing for a long time. Damaged or strained discs due to old age or due to stress on the back due to carrying heaving loads can also lead to severe back pain.

When the pain continues even after different kinds of treatments, back surgery is required. Damaged discs might be removed or nerves that are stressed are pinched might be relieved during the surgery and so generally patients experience a relief from pain after the back surgery. Back surgery does not actually cure the back pain directly, but tries to remove or treat the causes of the pain.

Back surgery is a major surgery and the recovery times after the back surgery are lengthy and painful. Pain after the back surgery is common in cases of spinal fusions, where the pain can either be in the place of the surgery or in the place where bone grafting was done to remove bone chips. Normally in the couple of months after the surgery, patients should see a relief from the back pain, if not, a visit to the doctor is mandatory.

There may be cases where back pain continues to haunt patients after the back surgery. In some cases the pain might be due to the scar tissues that form after the back surgery, in the places where the bones are expected to fuse together. In other cases, the pain might be the same as the reason which the back surgery was supposed to cure. The later case is normally referred to as Failed back surgery.

In Failed back surgery cases, the back pain continues a couple of months after the back surgery. The most common reason for failed back surgery is the wrong diagnosis for the reasons for pain. As the surgeon tried to remove or reduce the cause of the pain, if the initial diagnosis of the cause was wrong, there is a good chance that the back pain will continue after the back surgery.

Latest inventions and advancements are helping patients by making the back surgery a simpler and less painful one. These are reducing the size, number of cuts required by the surgeon and hence the pain during the recovery times after the back surgery are also reduced.


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