Endoscopic Microdiscectomy Back Surgery Information

Back pains have an extremely severe effect on patients, as it has the tendency to put the patient out of action with the severity of the pain levels. Patients normally experience pain while they tend to sit or lie down in certain positions or even while walking. In such cases the effect of the back pain is such that it can confine a patient to the bed.

Back surgery provides a solution to such patients where the pain does not subside from other treatments. endoscopic back surgery is a new method that is being used to help patients with back pain by making the surgery less painful and recovery easier. Endoscopic back surgery is a major advancement in the field of minimally invasive back surgery. It can be used in cases to stabilize joints, decompress nerves that are pinched, fuse bones together in case of damaged discs in the vertebrae or even perform corrective surgeries.

In endoscopic back surgery, a tiny tube called endoscope that has a video camera attached to its end, is inserted into the patients body through a small incision and is guided by the surgeon to the required spots. The video camera transmits or projects large scale images of the spinal cord to a video screen helping the surgeon to carry on with the endoscopic back surgery procedures.

Endoscopic back surgery is a big help to both the surgeon and the patient in many ways. It ensures minimal injuries on the patient as large scale cuts or stripping of the muscles are not required. Where required, the muscles are dilated to guide the endoscopic tube during the back surgery. The procedure also requires less anesthesia and hospitalization times are also less compared to open surgery.

In certain cases, the patients might even be able to return to their homes the same day. The recovery times in case of endoscopic back surgery are also lot less compared to the traditional open surgery. In cases of open surgery, the recovery times are in months and sometime take even up to a whole year. In case of endoscopic back surgery and using minimal invasive techniques, the recovery period is cut short to a great extent and the recovery is also a lot less painful.

There are some surgeons who believe that endoscopic microdiscectomy back surgery is not much different from other minimally invasive back surgeries and they consider it as a mere marketing gimmick. But a lot of hospitals nowadays use endoscopic techniques effectively for back surgery.


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