Endoscopic Laser Spine Surgery

This Endoscopic Laser Spine Surgery is an effective way of performing spine surgery. This surgery is done by inserting a thin tube into the spine through minute incision and this tube contains a small video camera at the end for the surgeon to view images and operate.

Endoscopic Laser Spine Surgery Vs Open Spine Surgery
In olden days, the surgeons prefer large incisions for the treatment of disorders in spine surgery.

The patient should be hospitalized for quite a long time if the incisions made are very large and the process of recovery is also very lengthy and painful. The endoscopic laser spine surgery is proved to be very effective for the treatment of diseases related to spine.

Usually open spine surgery is very complicated and destructive; it causes more damage and also causes scar tissue which might lead to complications in future. But in endoscopic laser spine surgery, the damage to muscles and soft tissues are found to be very less.

The patient can experience only less bleeding at the time of surgery and the time taken for recovery is also very less compared to the traditional surgery procedures.

Endoscopic Laser Spine Surgery Procedure

The Endoscopic laser spine surgery procedure mainly consists of the following steps:

Surgical Approach: Patient is kept awake by giving local anesthesia initially before the surgical procedure starts. A very tiny incision of about 10mm is made for the surgery. The nerves, muscles and arteries which are surrounded to the spine are very carefully protected.

Small surgical tubes are used between the muscles to work in the spinal area. These tubes serve as a path for micro instruments which are used to carry out the surgery.

Removal Process: In this process an x-ray is taken in order to confirm the surgeon that the process in the spinal segment is in the correct level. An endoscope of high resolution is used to monitor the spine. Thus the affected parts of the spine are carefully removed by the surgeon and care is taken to avoid additional problems caused to the spinal structure.

Then a laser beam is made to pass along the tubes to cut the affected tissues and also to control the bleeding. The laser beam is also very helpful to remove herniated discs, scar tissues, bone spurs and much more. Since this procedure involves very less dissection of muscles, it helps to reduce the post operative pain.

Final Steps: Along the completion of surgery, the surgical instruments and tubes are taken out slowly and the muscles are allowed to move back to its original position. Stitches are made and band aid is provided over the incision.

Advantages of Endoscopic Laser Spine Surgery

• The surgery is done through outpatient procedures.

• Only local anesthesia is needed.

• Very small incisions are made and the incisions are covered by band aids after the surgery.

• Latest techniques with micro instruments, endoscope and laser are carried out.

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