What is Ear Surgery?

Men and Women have long been fascinated with adorning themselves. One of the major parts of the body that is very visible and been adorned in various ways is the ear.

Over a period of time, various ways of adding beauty to the ear, and hence to the face have been practiced. Some of these experiments have also resulted in causing damage to ears in different ways (causing tears of the lobe, deforming the outer ears, causing damages in the inner ear etc). Such problems can also occur in case of accidents and in a lot of other ways too.

Ear Surgery provides an opportunity for such persons to get over the problem. Ear surgery can consist of Cosmetic surgery to change the shape or size of the ears (Normally called ear pinning surgery), or ear plastic surgery that can be used to fix a lot of outer ear problems. Others like the ear tube surgery consist of placing a tube (normally PE tube) inside the ear to help drain bacteria and fluid out of the ear. Ear surgery is a simple and much practiced procedure and the average costs are also now.

According to some estimates, the average cost of an ear pinning surgery is $2,500. For less complicated surgeries like earlobe reconstruction, the average price can easily be below $1000. Ear surgery is normally done under local anesthetic, and over-the-counter painkillers are usually enough to counter any pain. The recovery procedure from ear surgery is also for a small period and is usually an easy one. Thus ear surgery has proven to be a boon in most people’s lives.

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