What is Surgery?

About Surgery

Actually the term "surgery" implies different types of meanings. But in medical world, it is called an "operation" which involes cutting, slicing, sutures, laser.. etc. done by surgeons.

Why Surgery

If you are suffering from any specific heatlh problem, or disease sometimes on extreme conditions your doctor (physician) may recommend surgery for a way to cure or control your health problem or disease upon careful evaluation of your body condition and considering your person medical history. Before, deciding on type of surgery, your physician may conduct various types of medical testing such as X-ray, Scan, Blood & Urine Tests... etc.

What is Surgery - Definition to Surgery
If you are suffering from any specific heatlh problem, or disease sometimes on extreme conditions your doctor

Ear Surgery Methods & Techniques
Men and Women have long been fascinated with adorning themselves. One of the major parts of the

Eye Surgery Information
Eye surgeries are usually done to correct defects in the vision like myopia and hyperopia

About Brain Surgery
All of us know very well that brain is an important structure in the human body consists of three main parts

Back Surgery Methods
Back pain has been haunting people for a very long time. Pain in the back is normally regarded as pretty troublesome

Surgery for Breast Cancer
Do you know that American women have increased their bust size from a 34 B to a 36 C cup? Since1900s the beautiful

About Gastric Bypass Surgery
A gastric bypas surgery is an operation that is performed for those people who are willing to lose weight in a short period

Plastic Surgery Information
Plastic surgery is a pretty common operative procedure that is undertaken by many people these days

What is Vascular Surgery
A vascular surgery involves the treatment of the blood vessels in our body. The main type of problem

Spine Surgery Information
With the advancement in technology the spinal surgery has transformed to one that is minimally invasive

Bypass Heart Surgery Methods
A bypass heart surgery is done to bypass any clogs in the artery and to enable smooth flow of blood to and from

About Gall Bladder Surgery
Gall bladder surgery is performed to get relief from the pain due to the gall stones that are formed in the gall bladder

How to Improve Your Eyesight Through Exercise
You may be surprised to know that you will be able to effectively improve your eyesight through

The Quest Of The Best Laser Eye Surgeon
It is a bit difficult to find a good eye specialist particularly when you are in a new place or city and yet to make friends

Surgery for Weight Loss
Weight loss surgery is something that is opted for by obese people who have their body mass index over 40

Lower Back Surgery
Back pain can be caused by a variety of reasons and is generally a very painful condition that requires diligent

Abdominoplasty Surgery Details
Abdominoplasty surgery may be defined as one of the surgery procedures that have started to gain some significance

Bariatric Surgery Information
Bariatric surgeries are the technique used to reduce the weight of an individual by surgical means

Find Out What Is LASIK Eye Surgery
There are many concerns a normal person may have in mind regarding what LASIK eye surgery is

Cosmetic Surgery
Cosmetic surgeries are done to enhance the functionality of some parts of the body and to give a good appearance to

Facelift Surgery Purpose
Facelift surgeries come under the cosmetic plastic surgeries. These surgeries are done to enhance the looks of a person

Foot Surgeries
Foot surgeries are increasingly done now-a-days for cosmetic reason or for curing an infection or deformity

Lip Surgery Benefits
A lip surgery is usually done by women to enhance the looks of the lips. Lips are considered sensual to a women

What Is Custom Lasik Eye Surgery
When talking about the custom lasik laser eye surgery it is very important that you learn and get aware

Benefits and Risks of Abdomen Liposuction
It is a wide spread belief that liposuction surgery is normally carried out either in face or in neck area

Penile augmentation surgery
A penile augmentation surgery is done for a person who thinks that he is having a small penis

What is Gall bladder surgery
Gallbladder is an organ that is located below the liver. This organ helps in digestion by storing

Lasik Laser Eye Surgery
Do you have problem with your eyes? Short sighted or long sighted? Is wearing glasses or contact lens giving

Laser hair removal surgery
One can get plenty of information about the laser hair removal surgery from the internet

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
People are affected by multiple problems in their mouth, jaws and related organs. These cause various troubles including

Orthognathic Surgery
The common name for Orthognathic surgery is Jaw correction surgery. This is mainly used to correct jaw related

Penile Enhancement Surgery
Penile enhancement is sought after by men who think that they have small penis. There is a wrong notion that

Neuro-Slimmer System Gastric Band Hypnotherapy
First, you need to understand that a real gastric band surgery is an invasive, surgical procedure in which a silicone band

A Guide To Laser Eye Surgery
Gone are those days when people had to worry about their eye glasses or contact lens being broken frequently

How to locate vascular surgery clinic
Vascular surgery clinic is a place where the vascular and endovascular surgeries are performed by experienced

Sleep Apnea Surgery
Sleep apnea surgery is one of the specialized surgical technique that is being carried out to make remedy in cases

Approximate Cost Of A LASIK Eye Surgery
Let us know about laser eye surgery and its costs. Basically laser eye surgery corrects refractive vision problems

Common Varicose Vein Surgery Alternatives
When you notice that you have large discolored veins that is around 3 mm or more in diameter

Recovery time for a bowel surgery
Bowel surgery recovery time is as crucial as the time of surgery itself. Any kind of carelessness at this stage

Right time to go for a ruptured bowel surgery
In simple terms, when does a bowel is referred to as a ruptured bowel? Basically, a small hole in the intestine

Green light laser prostate surgery is a big boon
Prostate enlargement also called BHP i.e. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is a deadly infection experienced

Symptoms and Treatment for Inflammation Prostate
Most men can expect to have problems related to their prostate gland at point of time throughout their life

How to Cure your Child Umbilical Hernia
Umbilical hernia in children is caused when the belly button pops outwards due to a weakness in the muscles

Knowing umbilical hernia in adults
Umbilical hernia occurs when the belly button pops outwards due to a weakness in the muscles in or around the belly

Hip replacement surgery basics - An Overview
Hip replacement surgery is a type of joint replacement surgery procedure. I am sure you might be aware of the term

Knee replacement surgery - a perfect solution
As we, all have heard that health is wealthwe also need to realize it to the fullest knee problem has become quite

Knee joint replacement surgery in India
The facility of knee joint replacement surgery has been available in India for quiet long knee replacement surgery

Procedure for knee joint replacement surgery
Knee Joint replacement surgery biologically termed as knee arthroplasty is a procedure to remove the diseased

How to Remove Uterine Fibroids Without Surgery
Uterine fibroids are a common clinical condition that affects millions of women across the globe

Removing Nasal Polyps Without Surgery
Nasal polyps are small growths that are seen within the nasal cavity. They arise in individuals who are prone to developing

Want to Lose Weight Fast Without Surgery or Pills?
Nowadays lifestyle is changing and people are getting addicted of using too much fast food instead of taking

Treatment for Vitiligo Without Surgery
Plenty of individuals are suffering from vitiligo disease in this world. This disease occurs in humans













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