Hip replacement surgery basics - An Overview

Hip replacement surgery is a type of joint replacement surgery procedure. I am sure you might be aware of the term hip arthritis. However, it is not easy to estimate the right time for a hip replacement surgery.

The term ‘arthritis’ refers to the inflammation of the joints. If this problem is not looked into, then a person might end up having cartilage loss and exposed bone. One of the types of hip arthritis is also ‘osteoarthritis’. It can also be referred to as “wear and tear” arthritis. There are also other types of arthritis like rheumatoid arthritis, gouty arthritis and lupus arthritis.

The right time for your hip replacement surgery is when the symptoms are too painful to be controlled by non-operative treatments alone. Basically in hip replacement, the damaged portion is removed and replaced by an artificial implant. Hip replacement surgery can be regarded as the last option and is suitable for those patients who have tried all the options but still have to face unbearable pain while carrying out different activities. Non-operative treatments like weight loss, activity modifications, anti-inflammatory medication as well as joint supplements are suitable for those who have occasional pain.

During a hip replacement surgery, the bone and cartilage on the ball-and-socket hip joint is removed. Some area is created in order to put the artificial implant. This artificial implant is then placed in the specific area which now serves as the new hip joint. However there are a few risks in hip replacement surgery. However, around 90% of patients undergoing hip replacement surgery have shown positive results. It is thus better to consult your doctor before undergoing hip replacement surgery and clarify your doubts.

Some of the risks which the patient may face are blood clots, blood loss, infection of a joint replacement and hip dislocation. Hip dislocation is a very common problem. This is because since man made hip is smaller than the original joint hence the ball can come out of its socket.

Hip replacement surgery is quite successful. The reason being the rehabilitation period which the patient undergoes after the surgery is done. The patient requires a physical therapist as soon as the hip replacement surgery is over. It is ensured that the motion of the operated position takes place and that the patient can walk safely.

Why actually the hip replacement surgery might be needed? More injury as well as wear and tear can damage the joint which will increase the risk of hip fracture. This can be repaired with the help of hip replacement surgery.

In case you are still doubtful, then you can consult your doctor and acquire all the necessary information. You can visit any local hospital specializing in hip replacement surgery and can rest your queries. The cost of the operation may vary from place to place. Check out for the necessary signs and symptoms that indicate you need a hip replacement surgery. You can learn more about the procedure and its implications from your doctor.

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