Find Out What Is LASIK Eye Surgery

There are many concerns a normal person may have in mind regarding what LASIK eye surgery is? Don’t worry, there are lots of videos on LASIK laser eye surgery you can go through and learn how it really works. However, there are intricate information you should try to source out to get a clear picture of what is lasik laser eye surgery.

How Does It Work

Situ keratomileusis, means LASIK which means laser which again says about correcting a patient’s vision using a laser beneath the corneal flap to modify the cornea. LASIK laser eye surgery is a simple process which is done in a short time. The surgeon in this surgery makes a joint in the corneal flap. This is what one has to understand in LASIK laser eye surgery.

The cornea is reformed by pulling back this flap and putting it back in place without any stitches.

Another important factor of this laser eye surgery is that it heals very faster. You usually get to your day to day activities within a few days which is a very positive note and also a remarkable outcome when it comes to your vision.

Double Jeopardy

The other aspect of this LASIK laser eye surgery which you should be aware of is that there is also the factor in this surgery. Despite the fact that this laser surgery is very effective and popular there are a few side effects and complications that may arise at times.

The common problem of this surgery is that the vision is either overcorrected or under-corrected. The rectification of this may need the patient to do for the surgery once again. The other complication is that the perfect vision got after the surgery may not be permanent and the eye problems may arise again after a few months in the long run.

When the results of the surgery is unsatisfactory due to the problems you can very well consult the same doctor again to have it rectified without any extra fee. You may not wish to go through the procedure again and again after repeated problems it has given. So to solve you vision problem you may have to switch over to the glasses or lens as done before.

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