Lasik laser eye surgery

Laser-assisted in situ Keratomileusis is called the LASIK. Lasik is one of the types of laser eye surgery which is used to short sight, long sight and astigmatism.

The lasik laser eye surgery actually takes less than one minute to operate on one eye. A lasik laser eye surgery is a refractive procedure that is used to correct the errors in the cornea.

The lasik laser eye surgery uses a device called microkeratome which is used to create a flap in the cornea. The flap thus created is folded to remove the corneal tissues.

Removing of corneal tissues uses an excimer laser. Once the required amount of the tissue is removed the flap is placed in place. In this way the lasik laser eye surgery is done.

Thus by adjusting the shape of the cornea the light is allowed to fall in the retina properly thus providing proper vision.

As with any other surgery if you have decided to get a lasik laser eye surgery done on your eyes, all you have to do is to select a good surgeon first. The choice of the surgeon is very important to get the laser eye surgery done.

The surgeon would check your eyes first and decide whether a laser eye surgery would benefit you properly. The doctor would decide the type of correction that is needed for your eyes.

Devices such as refractor, a slit lamp and tonometer are used to check the healthiness of your eyes before deciding on the operation. Some people might have dry eye disease.

If you happen to have this disease then you will be treated for that disease first before going for a lasik laser eye surgery. Devices such as ‘wavefront’ are used to exactly find out the irregularities in your eyes.

You health history is also reviewed before a decision to go for a lasik laser eye surgery. For some patients mild oral sedatives are given before the surgery. Pain is not there for most of the people during the surgery.

For some people some medication is prescribed for pain after surgery whereas most of the people won’t feel the pain after the surgery. After a lasik laser eye surgery the patient can go home after a bit of rest at the hospital.

At home the patient is required to relax for a couple of hours. It is possible for the patient to go for work the next day of the operation. It is better to take rest for a couple of days at home instead of going to work.

Rubbing eyes should be avoided since it may dislocate the flap in the eye that was created during the lasik laser eye surgery.

Complications after a laser eye surgery are very less to an extent of 5%. Even though complications occur they can be corrected by another surgery easily. To avoid complications the doctors would select the right candidate for a lasik laser eye surgery.


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