Symptoms and Treatment for Inflammation Prostate

Most men can expect to have problems related to their prostate gland at point of time throughout their life. This problem generally arises at the later state of ageing. It brings restlessness in one’s life and takes him/her frequently to the bathroom. In the later stages of this infection, it may transform into deadly diseases like cancer or may produce uremic poison. Here are some symptoms and the treatment options for the inflamed prostate that can probably help you out.

Pain and uneasiness during the process of ejaculation and urine are the most common symptoms of enlargement of prostate gland. Leaking and dribbling are also the signs of this annoying infection. Enlarged prostate, also called BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) blocks the flow of urine through urethra. When the prostate cells multiply, enlargement exerts pressure on the walls of urethra.

Urethra eventually narrows, and thus bladder contracts forcefully to push urine out of the body. It gets strained to urinate. Flow of urinary stream is slowed down, often the flow of urine stream starts and stops and if seems as if the bladder is not completely emptied due to the narrowed urethra. When it feels like urinating then it becomes urgent to discharge.

When the bladder is not completely emptied, the chance of developing urinary tract infections is increased. In later stages, it may even lead to develop bladder stones, blood in the urine, inability to urinate, incontinence. In rare cases this may even lead to kidney and/or bladder damage. The inflammation of prostate leads to the sores and rashes in the upper thighs and the lower back. These symptoms can also be accompanied with high temperature and fever.

Several concrete measures are available in order to cure this infection. Physicians generally prescribe medications like alpha blockers and alpha reductase inhibitors for enlarged prostates. Many drugs are used to shrink the prostate gland. Microwave and heat therapy is also used to destroy excess prostate tissues. But this method of treatment is not much effective as the problem of incomplete emptying of bladder is not solved.

Laser therapy is also used to remove enlarged and inflamed prostate tissues by the use of high energy lasers. Green light laser treatment shows drastic improvement in urine flow and this surgery is effective basically for large prostates.

Transurethral Resection of Prostate (TURP) follows surgical procedure for the treatment cure BPH. Prostectomy is an open surgery method that uses an external incision. This surgery is done in case of highly enlarged prostates and bladder damage. Limit the intake of alcohol since alcohol increases formation of urine and causes irritation in the bladder.
Even homeopathic treatment is adopted to cure the enlarged and inflamed prostate. A large number of herbal medicines are available which unlike other treatments do not have side effects if guided correctly.

Prostate inflammation or its enlargement is an unavoidable. If you are in threat of it, you should delay in prescribing your doctor. Otherwise the things may change from bad to worse in no time.

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