What are the common Varicose Vein Surgery Alternatives?

When you notice that you have large discolored veins that is around 3 mm or more in diameter, then you are developing varicose veins. Varicose veins primarily appear on the thighs as well as calves that usually ache and itch. You must never scratch them because you can develop sores then.

Women – More Prone to Developing Varicose Veins

Women are more prone to developing varicose veins than men especially those who have reached the age of fifty. Although, no one knows the exact reason behind varicose veins, varicose vein surgery can help you get rid of them.

For those of suffering from very severe cases of varicose veins you can opt for varicose vein surgery also called vein stripping. Varicose vein surgery is usually done on a patient who is under complete or partial anesthesia and the process involves an implement being inserted into the varicose vein and when the instrument is removed it comes out with the varicose vein.

There are many ways of performing varicose vein surgery such as the endovenous procedures that are very effective in areas such as the thighs and legs and they are noninvasive when compared to the vein stripping technique, and it does not require the patient to be hospitalized. Nevertheless, all these procedures require a tube to be inserted into the varicose vein.

Prior to the performance of the surgery, consent has to be signed from the patient to grant the permission to perform the surgery after which the doctor decides the best varicose vein removal method that requires tying off and removing the varicose vein.

Varicose vein laser surgery is another effective alternative that most of the doctors’ use, which involve sending light beams onto the varicose veins that make the varicose veins, fade off and disappear.

After the varicose vein surgery is complete the patient is free to go home after recovering from the effect of anesthesia. A wise thing to do would be to have someone drive you back home and remain with you for the next day or two.

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