Cosmetic Surgery - for Both Men & Women

Cosmetic surgeries are done to enhance the functionality of some parts of the body and to give a good appearance to the person who is doing the surgery. Cosmetic surgeries for face, neck, arms, abdomen, thighs, foot, eyebrows, nose, and breasts are available.

Some of these surgeries are done for functional reasons, while some people go for a cosmetic surgery to improve their looks. For example a women who has breast cancer can go for a breast surgery, which is purely functional and not cosmetic, whereas there are women who go for a breast enlargement surgery if they are endowed with smaller breasts. Similarly breast reduction surgery is also done. Breast lift surgeries are also popular among women who have sagging breasts.

Obese people often go for a weight loss surgery like a gastric bypass surgery to reduce their weight. Such people lose weight in a short period in the order of 100 pounds. When such large amounts of weight are shed the skin will not come back to normal quickly. Hence the skin will hang loose around the body and in the areas where there was weight loss.

The abdomen is one area that is mostly affected by weight loss. The lose skin around the abdomen are tightened using the abdominoplasty. Drooping eyebrows are corrected using a cosmetic surgery. facial lift and injection of fat or collagen to improve the facial look are also done.

The cost of the cosmetic surgery depends on the area in which the surgery is done and the experience of the doctor in the surgery. it is recommended to go for a accredited doctor who has good experience. Since most of the surgeries are irreversible it is advised to select a proper surgeon before you plunge into a surgery.

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