Sleep Apnea Surgery

Sleep apnea surgery is one of the specialized surgical technique that is being carried out to make remedy in cases of patients suffering from sleep apnea which may be either a obstructive type or a central one mediated by disturbed signals from brain tissues.

One should understand that sleep apnea means absence of specified number of breathing activities during sleep due to many causes like availability of less space below tongue, obstruction in air path way.

The commonly carried out sleep apnea surgery is the surgical technique related with palate and this is generally called as uvulopalatoplasty. Laser based sleep apnea surgery is also carried out to remove the incidence of snoring from the patient.

Surgical practices for interference with contour, pertaining to the jaws are also being carried out for removing the sleep apnea and to create additional space below the tongue region. Sleep apnea is to be given more clinical significance due to the interfered oxygen exchange to the body cells.

Many times, patients who need to undergo sleep apnea surgery have to follow medical instructions given by the skilled surgeon. Polysomnography is the additional requirement that helps in monitoring of these surgeries.


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