The availability of Knee joint replacement surgery in India!

The facility of knee joint replacement surgery has been available in India for quiet long. Knee replacement surgery is usually done when wear and tear of the knee joint is caused leading to pain in the knees.

The joint is replaced by an artificial one with the help of this replacement surgery. The surgery is conducted when the knee joint is no longer smooth and the cartilage has worn away. The knee joint replacement is suggested for patients suffering from arthritis of the knee, tumour in the knee, knee pains leading to limitations in the activities etc.

Specialized doctors and well equipped instruments have been made available in India for these types of causalities. Knee replacement surgery is one of the most familiar types of joint surgery performed in the world, with more than two lakh operations per year within the United States alone.

The Indian hospitals are comparable to hospitals anywhere in the world. In fact many people travel from United States of America and UK to get their replacements done in India. World class medical facilities are available in India which is equivalent to those provided in the western countries. Best medical practitioners are provided in India to offer these services at highly reduced costs.

The knee joint replacement surgery costs approximately $ 40,000 in the private hospitals of UK and USA. Where as the costs of services in India range from $6000 to $7000. The difference is quiet significant. A large population of the baby boomers who do not have any insurance covers and are unable to afford treatment in the western countries have increased the demand for joint replacements. High success rates, affordable costs, safety of the surgical procedure are some of the other factors that have made India a Medical Tourism Destination of the world.

Some time back it was held that getting the treatment done in India had intricate limitations and risks involved. Such as blood clots, infections, stiffness etc. but with the enhancement of the level of expertise and care available today these complications have been reduced to minimum. Even today India has not been able to develop the confidence among a large chunk of international patients that the other countries have successfully earned.

The knee replacements have proved to be safe affordable and affective. This has been possible with the help of the research and development in this field. Earlier the knee replacements were not gender specific in India. Until now Indian surgeons used the knee implants based on the average dimensions of men and women. The gender specific knee implants have been specially designed for women. The chief advantage of these is the rapid relief from pain and comparatively less time to recover.

Some of the major hospitals for knee joint replacement are: Apollo hospitals, Max healthcare, Piyavate hospital, Florence Nightingale hospital etc. in addition to India some of the other popular destinations for the knee joint replacement surgery are Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Turkey.

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