Foot Surgeries - How its Done?

Foot surgeries are increasingly done now-a-days for cosmetic reason or for curing an infection or deformity. Some consider that foot surgeries that are performed for cosmetic reasons are a luxury. Statistics reveal that more and more women are into the cosmetic foot surgery than the men.

It is found that some of the high heels require the foot to be very narrow whereas in reality the foot is not like that for most of the women. Such women who want to wear those high heels go for a foot surgery that enables them to wear those high heels.

Toe amputation foot surgery and the collagen injection foot surgery are the two commonly performed cosmetic foot surgeries. In a toe amputation foot surgery the toes are split and the bones are removed so that the footwear can accommodate the foot easily. For some people the ball of the heel is worn out and they need some cushion under the heel.

Some of the cushions available are fit in the heels of the footwear and some people go for a surgery which implants some collagen in the ball of the heel. If you go for a foot surgery you should know that the results are irreversible and hence you have to clearly decide whether you want to have that surgery.

Nail infections, plantar warts, Bunions, hammertoes, neuromas, heel spurs, and ganglions are treated with foot surgeries. These treatments are for the wellness of the foot and they are not cosmetic. Consult your surgeon clearly before you decide on a surgery. Most of the foot surgery require anesthesia to forget the pain due to the surgery. Painkillers are taken after the surgery to reduce the pain. Recovery from the surgery takes 3 to 5 weeks and it also depends on the condition and the age of the patients.


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