Removing Nasal Polyps Without Surgery

Nasal polyps are small growths that are seen within the nasal cavity. They arise in individuals who are prone to developing recurrent allergies and are responsible for a variety of different symptoms and constant visits to the doctor.

Many a times, nasal polyps are treated through surgical measures called as a polypectomy. However, there are a number of different medical therapies and other natural treatment remedies that can be used to manage this condition effectively. Click here to know more about removing nasal polyp naturally!

In this article, we shall briefly review these different treatment options.

Medical Therapy

The primary aim of treating nasal polyps is to not only get rid of the polyps but also to reduce recurrent inflammation and allergy that is responsible for the symptoms the patient experiences. Unfortunately, the exact cause of nasal polyps is not necessarily discernible in many cases. Furthermore, despite there being evidence to suggest that allergies are responsible for nasal polyps, there does not appear to be strong scientific research supporting the use of anti allergy medication in preventing the development of polyps or eliminating the polyps completely. Nevertheless, it is always worthwhile giving treatment to stop allergies as this can relieve a patient's symptoms.

A good medical therapy for nasal polyps is oral corticosteroids. Steroids are powerful anti-inflammatory medications that can reduce inflammation that surrounds the polyps. By doing so, it can reduce the symptoms the patient experiences fairly rapidly. While there are side effects associated with the use of corticosteroids long term, it must be borne in mind that nasal polyps tend to flare-up only two or three times a year depending on the surrounding weather and exposure to allergens. Therefore, giving a patient corticosteroids from time to time when they have these allergic responses should not be of major concern as it is unlikely to cause any side effects.

Corticosteroids can also be administered in the form of intranasal sprays. Patients tend to prefer this as the method of using these drugs is extremely simple. However, these intranasal steroids are only beneficial in mild cases of nasal polyposis meaning that severe cases may not necessarily benefit from use of these drugs.

Steroids have also been used in the form of injections. Direct injection of steroids by a registered practitioner into the nasal polyps has been shown to significantly improve symptoms and to reduce the size of the polyps by stunting its growth.

Other medical therapies such as the use of leukotrienes have also been found to be helpful in managing nasal polyps. Studies are still ongoing about the exact benefit but it appears that these drugs can help reduce allergies and alter pathological processes that occur within the nasal polyps during the allergic response.


Nasal polyps are a characteristic condition seen in patients who are prone to developing allergies. Steroids seem to be the primary treatment modality and can be effective enough in preventing the need for surgical removal of these polyps. Based on the severity of the conditions, you can also treat nasal polyps without surgery or steroids naturally... click here for more information!


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