Knowing umbilical hernia in adults

Umbilical hernia occurs when the belly button pops outwards due to a weakness in the muscles in or around the belly button. It can happen at any age and is common in women during and after pregnancy and people who are overweight. Due to this, a condition called gangrene or peritonitis can be created that can cut off blood supply to the contents of hernia and create a difficult situation. Thus it is necessary to get hernia operation done.

You will have to make some preparations for your operation. You would be asked to stop smoking if you are a smoker. This is because your recovery may slow down or you may suffer chest infection. The patient is generally administered general anesthesia. In such cases the patient should not consume anything for about 6 hours before the operation takes place. Your heart rate and blood pressure would be noted down. Your urine would also be tested.

Basically there are two types of operations open surgery and key hole. In open surgery, a single cut is made above or below the belly button and contents of the bulge are pushed back. After this, the wall of the abdomen is strengthened by stitching over an artificial mesh.

The skin is finally covered with a dressing. In case of keyhole surgery, two or three small cuts are made in the lower abdomen. Specially designed instruments are used to repair the hernia. The entire operation may take 30 to 45 minutes.

After you are done with the operation, you might need pain relief to have some relief of the pain you might be undergoing. It is always advisable to have the support of your friends and family for the first 24 hours. Your surgeon might also provide you with some antibiotics as well as the precautions that you need to take for your wound to heal.

Under the influence of general anesthesia, a person might lose his sense of reasoning and coordination for a while. Hence it is advised not to drink alcohol, operate machinery or sign legal documents for the first 48 hours. Besides, you may also feel some discomfort and pain. Thus it is advised not to strain or stretch too much. This is because all such activities may cause swelling and slow down your recovery process. However you can perform light exercises.

However there are some risks that can be attributed to umbilical hernia surgery. Besides there are several side effects like minor bruising, swelling as well as pain in the lower abdomen. Certain complications can also be a result of this surgery. These are quite rare but include damage to other organs in the abdomen, , pain or numbness in the lower abdomen or even re-occurrence of the hernia.
Thus before making any decision it is advisable to get your doctor’s consent. You can get a lot of information and rest your queries after consulting him. So get the best treatment for yourself and stay healthy, fit and fine.

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