Gall bladder surgery risk

After a person undergoes a gall bladder surgery there could be many complications and side effects that have to be watched.



Gall bladder surgery risk is not much but precautions have to be taken that there is not much complications after a surgery.

Pain is one likely after effects and this cannot be considered as a gall bladder surgery risk. This is part of every gall bladder surgery that is done all over the world.

After the effects of anesthesia wears off the patient is likely to experience the pain. This has to be intimated to the nurse or the doctor concerned.

If needed a painkiller may be prescribed to the patient. One another gall bladder surgery risk is dehydration. To prevent this, the patient is to have a drip in the arm. The drip is removed if the patient starts having more of water.

One of the gall bladder surgery risks is the damage that could be done unintentionally to the ducts and the intestine when a patient undergoes a laproscopic surgery.

Since this surgery requires four incisions in the abdomen, there is a chance of a gall bladder surgery risk of them getting damaged when the surgical instruments are inserted in these incisions.

The other gall bladder surgery risk is the bleeding that happens in some patients. Excessive bleeding is found in some persons. If the patient had suffered bleeding in any of the other surgeries that was done near the gall bladder then he has to consult a doctor for a laproscopic surgery.

In such cases mostly laproscopic surgery is not preferred. Redness and swelling of the area in which surgery was done is another gall bladder surgery risk that has to be treated.

This might sometimes turn into infections and other serious complications. Take care that this does not happen. Stitches that dissolve are sometime used in patients so that there is no need for removal of the stitches.

Some other gall bladder surgery risk symptoms that have to be noted are bleeding in any of the wounds, red and inflamed wounds, swelling of the abdomen, persistent pain even after administering pain killers, and fever.

These gall bladder surgery risk symptoms might be an indication of some other complications which may be associated with the gall bladder surgery or something that is different.

Some simple exercises are to be done to keep you fit and to come back to normal life. Walking is also recommended as a simple exercise. Low fat diet is recommended. A complete balanced food is necessary for speedy recovery.

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