Gall bladder surgery procedure

Gall bladder surgery procedure is used either to remove the gall stones found in the gall bladder or the gall bladder itself.



There are two common gall bladder surgery procedures that are used to do the above tasks. One is the conventional gall bladder surgery procedure and the other is the laproscopic gall bladder surgery procedure.

Any of the above procedures may suit a particular patient. The one that suits a patient depends on the condition of the gall bladder and it will be solely decided by the consulting doctor by checking the history of the patient.

Conventional gall bladder surgery procedure is a surgery that requires a big incision to be in the abdomen. The blood loss may be high in this type of procedure and the pain that is experienced by the person is also high in this procedure.

Due to the high pain in this surgery many patients do not prefer to go for this surgery type. Moreover the recovery time from the surgery is also more.

It takes normally six to eight weeks for recovery or for the patient to return to work. After surgery consulting may be frequently required if the patient is treated with this gall bladder surgery procedure.

Laproscopic gall bladder surgery procedure is one that is preferred by many patients. The main advantages of going for this procedure is that the after surgery pain is very less.

The recovery time for the patient undergoing this surgery is very less. The patient can return to work in a few days after this gall bladder surgery procedure.

During this gall bladder surgery procedure small incisions are made at four points in the abdomen. Using these incisions the laproscope is inserted inside.

The camera that is fixed inside the laproscope gives a clear view of what is found inside and this can be displayed in a computer monitor. The doctor sees this image and then performs the surgery needed.

In some rare cases the gall bladder may not be viewed clearly. In such cases the doctor may recommend the patient to go for a traditional gall bladder surgery procedure.

Before undergoing any of these surgery procedures the patient is asked to avoid drinks and food on the previous night of the operation.

This is to reduce the bile output from the gall bladder. The patient is required to shave the abdomen before the surgery. Even after the surgery the patient is required to follow certain diet restriction for speedy recovery.


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Gall Bladder Surgery


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