Pain after gall bladder surgery

Pain after gall bladder surgery depends on the type of surgery that has been performed in your body to remove the gall stones or the gall bladder.



Pain after gall bladder surgery is often less when you compare the pain that you get with an untreated diseased gall bladder. It can also be life threatening.

Pain of the untreated gall bladder may be high and it keeps on increasing sometimes. Some patients have suffered pain from a diseased gall bladder for two to three hours after having meals.

It is because the bile is released by the gall bladder to the intestine and there may be any block in the duct by the gall stones. This causes the pain when the bile tries to squeeze out of the block by the gall stones.

Persons who have undergone laproscopic surgery for the removal of the gall bladder experience less pain after gall bladder surgery, whereas the patients who have gone for the conventional methods of gall bladder surgery will have more pain after gall bladder surgery.

This is one of the factors for which more and more patients go for laproscopic method of gall bladder removal. Statistics state that the gall bladder surgery is performed more around the world using the laproscopic surgery.

During a laproscopic surgery usually four incisions are made which are smaller. That is why you feel less pain after gall bladder surgery. You won't feel any pain during the surgery because of the anesthesia given to you.

In the conventional method of surgery the incision made is usually 9 to 18 cm long. Such a long incision would cause pain in your body. that is why people who have done gall bladder removal by traditional method experience more pain after gall bladder surgery.

Pain after gall bladder surgery is also caused by the gas (residual carbon dioxide) that moves inside the body to the right shoulder. Gas pain in the intestines is also a common pain after gall bladder surgery. A patient is monitored for any complications and pain after gall bladder surgery.

Pain after gall bladder surgery can be reduced using pain killers which are usually prescribed for the patients. One of the other side effects of having these pain medications is the presence of constipation in the patients.

Constipation can be cured by having high fiber food items and more of the fluid foods. Gastric ulcer, back problems, pneumonia, heart pains and stones in the kidney also cause pain in the patients. Hence pain should not be taken lightly. Contact a medical practitioner immediately.

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