Post gall bladder surgery

Proper diet should be taken post gall bladder surgery. This is to expedite the process of recovery from the operation that was done in your body.



Most of the doctors themselves recommend certain diet to the patients for speedy recovery post gall bladder surgery. There are also many post gall bladder surgery symptoms that are to be taken care of by the patient.

Knowledge about these symptoms would help you to reduce your anxiety and sometimes reduces your tension when something that is expected turns up.

Vomiting is one of the post gall bladder surgery symptoms that are expected by any patient. The change in food after gall bladder surgery would be the cause for such vomiting.

Blood clotting post gall bladder surgery is also an expected one. Nausea due to the liquid foods taken after surgery and also due to the medicine taken is also a post gall bladder surgery symptom. Redness and swelling in the area of the operation is also found post gall bladder surgery.

This is easily treated with ointments. Pain in the incision area is common. Painkillers are taken to reduce this pain. Before operation the abdomen is bloated with carbon dioxide so that the operation can be done easily.

After the operation the gas is released from the abdomen. Although this is done chances are there for some residual gas to get stuck in the abdomen. This residual gas moves from the abdomen to the right shoulder in some patients during which it causes severe pain. This is one of the post gall bladder surgery symptoms.

Post gall bladder surgery symptom like constipation is also found in many patients. This is the most often found symptom. Treating constipation through proper diet is popular. High fiber food items help you in getting relief from constipation.

It is recommended to take vegetables rather than meat. Food items like chips which are deep fried should be avoided since they demand more bile for digestion which is not possible to get due to the gall bladder surgery.

Hence it is safe to have low fat items in your meals. If you could not restrict yourself to low fat items, you can take bile supplements so that the high fat food that was taken is digested easily.

If diarrhea is a post gall bladder surgery symptom that is found in the patient then the patient is treated with drugs like cholestyramine which help to bind the stools immediately and the patient is relieved from diarrhea.


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