Gall bladder removal surgery

Gall bladder removal surgery is a surgery that removes the organ, gall bladder, which is considered as a non essential organ in our body.



Without the gall bladder a human being can well survive without any side effects. the main function of the gall bladder is to store the bile that is secreted by the liver and use it for digestion.

In some cases when the bile becomes the stone in the gall bladder it blocks the bile and causes pain in the gall bladder. If left unattended it may lead to some serious problems. Hence a gall bladder removal surgery is performed to avoid these consequences.

Conventional / traditional gall bladder removal surgery or a laprascopic gall bladder removal surgery is one of the common surgeries that are performed throughout the world.

The gall bladder removal surgery is most commonly done surgery in the USA. The laprascopic gall bladder removal surgery is the most opted surgery type for the gall bladder removal.

The main reason being less pain and the minimization of the scars, which result out of the gall bladder removal surgery.Small incisions are made during the laparoscopic surgery. A laparoscope is used to view the inside of the abdomen during the operation.

A small incision is made in the gall bladder and the bile contents are discharged outside the body and then the gall bladder is removed through the hole in near the navel.

People who undergo this type of surgery can return to work quickly. This means they have a shorter recovery period after the operation. The gall bladder removal surgery is also called the cholecystectomy.

In the conventional method of gall bladder removal surgery the incision is made in the upper right area of the abdomen and the incision is bigger.

This traditional method is also called open cholecystectomy. The pain that arises out of the operation is also high. Hence most of the people do not prefer the traditional method of gall bladder removal surgery.

The patient who is undergoing the gall bladder surgery is requested to not take any food or drinks from the night earlier to the operation. This is to avoid the digestion that would happen and to prevent the production of the bile.

People who under go this traditional type of surgery have to stay in the hospital for several days which is not the case in the laprascopic surgery.


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Gall Bladder Surgery


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