Gall bladder stone surgery

Gall bladder stone surgery is an operation that is performed on a patient who has stones formed in the gall bladder. Surgery is not necessary if very small stones are present in the gall bladder.



These small stones do not have any effect on the person. Once they become big it blocks the bile that is released in to the intestine and stagnation of bile in the gall bladder causes the formation of stones.

Gall stones that have no effect are called silent gall stones. They sometime disappear on their own. Gall bladder stone surgery is the way to treat gall bladder stones that are symptomatic. Gall bladder is removed during the gall bladder stone surgery.

Removing the gall bladder does not affect the normal functioning of your body. Only you have to avoid certain high fatty foods since they can’t be digested properly.

Instead of gall bladder stone surgery there are also non-surgical methods to treat gall bladder stone. These unconventional methods are in the experimental stage only.

It is found that drugs like ursodeoxycholic acid prevent the formation of gall stones and they are included in the diet of the patients in some cases. These drugs are very costly.

The two common methods of gall bladder stone surgery are the traditional method and the laproscopic method. Of these the laproscopic method is the most sought after method for the gall bladder stone surgery.

Pain is very less in the laproscopic method of gall bladder stone surgery and the incisions that are made for the surgery are also very small. This leaves a very small scar on your body. The conventional method needs a big incision on the upper right abdomen.

The laproscopic surgery otherwise called the keyhole surgery requires four small incisions of 1 cm long. People having this keyhole surgery can go to work within two weeks and they are discharged from the hospital on the day of the surgery itself.

This is convenient for the working class of people. Conventional gall bladder stone surgery requires a long time stay in the hospital and it may take about six to eight weeks to go back to work.

It is always better to avoid high fatty foods since it may be difficult to digest these foods after the removal of gall bladder with the gall bladder stone surgery.

Consult your doctor or surgeon on recommendations for the type of diet that can be taken post surgery.

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Gall Bladder Surgery


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