Gall bladder surgery complication

A gall bladder surgery complication is rare. Any surgery will have its own merits and demerits. As such the gall bladder surgery also has some complication.



Excessive bleeding is one of the gall bladder surgery complications. But these are very rare. After the gall bladder surgery is performed on a patient the patient is observed for several hours for any gall bladder surgery complication.

It will take many hours for the patient to recover from the surgery. Until the patient recovers from the anesthesia given to him he has to be placed under observation.

Once the patient recovers from the anesthesia he is shifted to some other general ward. The day following the operation, the patient can get back to normal diet. On the day of the operation the patient is given only liquid foods.

Blood clotting is also one another gall bladder surgery complication. The patient is required to walk for sometime after he has recovered from the anesthetic effect after the surgery to prevent any blood clotting.

Pain is also experienced by some patients after the surgery. As a remedy to this pain killers are given to patients who have severe pain. To prevent any infection, which is a gall bladder surgery complication; antibiotics are given to patients before and after the surgery.

Gas pain is also possible. The carbon dioxide that is used during surgery may stay as a residue in the abdomen and the movement of that gas may cause pain in the abdomen.

The gas may move up to the right shoulder. Constipation is one of the side effects or can also be considered as one of the gall bladder surgery complication that occurs in some patients.

Diarrhea is also a gall bladder surgery complication that is found in some patients. To treat this condition a powder form of drug called cholestyramine is mixed with water and taken orally.

This drug binds the stool. This is one of the treatments for diarrhea found in some patients who have undergone gall bladder surgery. Patients who undergo Laproscopic gall bladder surgery have a risk.

The ducts from the gallbladder can get damaged or injured during the surgery. Since many surgical instruments are inserted in the abdomen, these can injure the intestine also.

This is one of the gall bladder surgery complications. Whatever be the gall bladder surgery complication, it is only temporary.Sometimes infections may occur in the area of the operation. Consult your doctor if you feel anything abnormal in your body.


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