Gall bladder surgery complications

Gall bladder surgery complications are very rare and there is no need to fear of getting some complications if you undergo a gall bladder removal surgery.



There is no need for the presence of the gall bladder for proper functioning of the body. Without the gall bladder there are many people living a normal healthy life.

The main reason for going for gall bladder surgery is to eradicate the pain due to the gall stones formed in the gall bladder.

For some persons the gall bladder may be infected. In such cases also the gall bladder removal is done without any gall bladder surgery complications.

If the gall stones get stuck in the duct or the tube that leads to the intestine there may be some inflammation or infection. If a surgery is performed under these conditions, that may lead to gall bladder surgery with complications.

Hence most of the doctor won't do any operation if they suspect such infections in the duct or any inflammation is suspected.

Other gall bladder surgery complications can happen if the person has opted for a laproscopic gall bladder removal surgery. You should know that for a laproscopic surgery your abdomen is incised in four places so that the instruments for the surgery can be inserted.

During the insertion of the instruments in the abdomen it may injure the intestines or the blood vessels that are important. Sometimes the duct that carries the bile is also injured during the surgery.

But these gall bladder surgery complications are rare and they almost never happen. Rather than the gall bladder surgery complications there are only benefits if you go for this kind of surgery.

The pain during a laproscopic surgery is very less when compared to the conventional surgery.Complications from a diseased gall bladder are more than the actual gall bladder surgery complications.

Proper level of anesthesia is to be given for the gall bladder surgery. This is essential for almost all the surgeries that require anesthesia. Hence a patient is closely monitored for any complications arising out of the anesthesia given.

A doctor may check you if you have become normal and the effects of anesthesia have gone. The patient is made to walk to ensure that there is no blood clotting.

Constipation or intermittent diarrhea is the other gall bladder surgery complications which are found in some patients. Drugs like cholestyramine are given to arrest diarrhea. Gas pain due the residual movement of carbon dioxide is another complication that can occur.


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