Laser foot surgery

Laser treatment is the most preferred way of treatment if it is possible for a particular surgery. Laser foot surgery can be performed for many treatments of the foot.

You would have heard that laser surgery has gained popularity through the laser eye surgery. Now laser is being used for some laser foot surgery.

Some of the common soft tissue problems of the foot are treated by laser foot surgery. The laser is a beam of light energy that is focused on a particular tissue to rectify the problems of that tissue.

The laser beam is very hot and it works by evaporating the water content in the tissues.Laser foot surgery is performed to treat plantar warts, moles, and lesions in the foot.

A laser foot surgery is also used to remove the fungal nails that are present in the foot. The main advantage of the laser foot surgery is the quickness with which the surgery is performed.

Moreover the healing time for the surgery is also very less when compared to the conventional form of surgery. There is no blood shedding in a laser surgery. You should know that laser foot surgery cannot be used to treat any of the bones.

Hence any surgery involving bones cannot be done by laser foot surgery. For any medical practitioner the laser is an essential tool for many types of surgery.

In some of the surgeries the laser is also used as an additional tool to complete the surgery. It depends on the complexity of the operation that is being performed. Even in a laser foot surgery anesthesia is given before a surgery.

Plantar warts that cannot be treated with the more conventional methods are treated with a laser foot surgery. This is the most common application of a laser foot surgery.

More and more orthopaedic surgeons are using laser in foot surgery since it is gaining popularity among the public. Almost all the leading clinics that perform foot surgery are into laser foot surgery if possible.

The benefits of a laser foot surgery should be known to the patients and a general awareness created for more people to go for laser surgery if possible.

The recovery time for a laser foot surgery is very less and hence these types of surgery can be used by the working mass. You need to consult your physician to know whether a laser foot surgery could be an option for your treatment.


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