What to eat after gall bladder surgery?

What you eat after a gall bladder surgery is an important part in the recovery from a gall bladder surgery. It is better to know what to eat after a gall bladder surgery.



The function of the gall bladder is such that it aids in the digestion of the food that you eat. Bile released from the gall bladder is used process the food in the digestive system so that they are absorbed in our body.

The bile is periodically released whenever there is a need to digest something in the intestine. If you remove the gall bladder then the bile cannot be released periodically whereas it is released constantly to the intestine.

For digesting some foods that are rich in fat more quantity of bile is needed. The gall bladder satisfies that need. In the absence of the gall bladder due to gall bladder removal you have to take care that you do not over burden the digestive system by eating high fatty foods.

Hence what to eat after a gall bladder surgery counts.You should not eat foods like cereals, whole grain breads, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower after a gall bladder surgery.

Usually you will be given liquid foods to eat after gall bladder surgery. Liquid foods do not load the digestive system. Some patients might have nausea even if they eat liquid foods after gall bladder surgery.

Doctors prescribe certain diets to eat after gall bladder surgery even if the patient is discharged from the hospital. At home they should follow this diet only so that they can recover as soon as possible. Some patients have constipation due to the medicine taken for the gall bladder surgery.

That is one of the main reasons to recommend liquid foods to them. Patients having nausea even after taking liquid foods should be attended by the doctors immediately and appropriate action taken. If the constipation persists for two days and more then the patient is treated with milk of magnesia.

Once the digestion becomes normal they would find that the stools are very loose for a few months. You should not eat spicy foods after gall bladder surgery since they produce a lot of gas which may cause discomfort in the patient.

To get more information on what to eat after gall bladder surgery, you can seek information from the websites that are dedicated to patients who have undergone gall bladder surgery.

These websites provide with a lot of information on what to eat after gall bladder surgery. Discussion forums in these websites help the patients to exchange information and to know the experience of other similar patients.


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