Recovering from gall bladder surgery

Recovering from gall bladder surgery is to become normal and to resume your normal activities as usual. Recovering from gall bladder surgery is usually easy and faster.



The main problems that are faced by the patients who have undergone gall bladder surgery are the gas pain, constipation, and diarrhea in some cases.

Gas pain caused by the movement of the carbon dioxide inside the body has to be reported by the patient.Usually the patients are inquired for such problems by the doctors.

If found they are treated accordingly. Since only liquid foods are taken before and immediately after the surgery constipation could occur. Recovering from constipation is normal and easy if you take up normal foods.

In some rare cases the patients may suffer from constipation for more than 48 hours. In such cases they have to report this to the concerned doctor for proper action for recovering from gall bladder surgery.

Some patient may experience diarrhea. In such patients recovering from gall bladder surgery includes the treatment for diarrhea. Cholestyramine is a drug that is used for treating patients who suffer from diarrhea.

This medicine binds the stools and relieves the patient from diarrhea.This drug is mixed with water and given to the patient. Pain in the abdomen is normal after a surgery.

It may be due to the incisions and due to ceasing effect of anesthesia after sometime after the surgery. Patient recovering from gall bladder surgery should walk to avoid blood clotting.

Food items like deep fried foods, chips, and high fat foods should be avoided. These foods demand more bile content for digesting them. This demand for more bile cannot be met by our body if the gall bladder is removed. This would slow down recovering from gall bladder surgery.

Hence patients who have undergone gall bladder surgery should avoid taking such food items. After the operation (removal of the gall bladder) the bile content that is released to the digestive system is constant.

This one of the reasons for patients to get loose stools for few months, post operation.Recovering from gall bladder surgery can be quick if such dietary restrictions are strictly followed.

Recovering from gall bladder surgery is faster in case of person who opted for laproscopic gall bladder surgery instead of a conventional surgery. The doctor has to decide which type of surgery would suit you, by checking you history.

The number of days of hospitalization is less in case of laproscopic surgery than the traditional surgery. Some of the exercise like stretching would put much stress on the abdomen. Such exercises should be avoided after an operation of the gall bladder.


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