Open gall bladder surgery

Open gall bladder surgery is one of the two methods of gall bladder surgery. This is called open gall bladder surgery since a big incision is made in the upper right of the abdomen.



The incision is through the muscles of the abdomen. Blood loss is possible in the case of open gall bladder surgery. The open gall bladder surgery is the traditional form of removing the gall bladder.

Anesthesia is given before the surgery and drugs to prevent nausea as a result of anesthesia are also given before the surgery. Nausea is a side effect of giving anesthesia.

Gall bladder removal is performed on a person whose gall bladder is diseased. Symptoms of a gall bladder disease are bloating, vomiting, nausea, or pain in the upper abdomen.

Gall bladder emptying is a test that is also performed in some cases to find the gall bladder disease. The speed at which the gall bladder empties the bile is monitored through X-Ray. Injections to fill the gall bladder with bile and emptying the gall bladder are given to the patient and the gall bladder is monitored through X-Rays.

The speed at which the gall bladder is emptied indicates whether the gall bladder is normal or not. These are some of the tests that are performed during the diagnosis stage before any open gall bladder surgery.

The gall stones if present in the gall bladder are located using gall bladder ultrasound test. This test is painless.Open gall bladder surgery is performed in only about 5% of the cases. In other cases a laproscopic gall bladder surgery is used.

The cut that is made in the abdomen is about 9 to 18 cm long. The patient is required to stay in the hospital for about six to eight weeks. Open gall bladder surgery is recommended for patients in whom the gall bladder cannot be seen clearly with the laproscopic procedure.

If the patient is prone to excess bleeding during any of the previous surgery around the gall bladder the doctor might not recommend a laproscopic surgery since the excess bleeding makes it impossible to see the gall bladder.

The decision to go for a open gall bladder surgery is taken by the doctor depending on the patients history. The patient is prepared well for the surgery the previous night of the surgery.

The patient is not allowed to take any food or drink after midnight before the day of the surgery. Diet restriction apply to the patients for faster recovery.


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Gall Bladder Surgery


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