Diet after gall bladder surgery

Following a proper diet after gall bladder surgery is necessary for quick recovery.



The doctors usually give the patients a list of food that can be taken immediately after the surgery and at home after the patient is discharged from the hospital.

During the first few meals liquid food is recommended as the patient is not required to give more loads to the digestive system in our body moreover the painkillers that are given during and after the surgery leads to constipation.

Hence liquid foods are recommended immediately after the surgery. In case of persistent nausea the liquid foods can't be taken.

The doctor has to attend in such cases immediately. Foods like chips and high fatty foods put more burdens on the digestive system and require more bile for digestion.

This cannot be achieved after a gall bladder surgery. Hence a diet after gall bladder surgery should not have these high fatty foods in the list.

Milk of magnesia tablets or syrup is included in the diet after gall bladder surgery if there is no bowel movement even after about 48 hours after surgery.

Once you get bowel movements the stools are looser for about 3 months. Tolerances in handling the foods are varied after a gall bladder surgery. High fat foods, fried foods, whole grain breads, nuts, cereals, broccoli, cabbage or cauliflower should be avoided in the diet after gall bladder surgery.

Vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower produced more gas and hence it should not be included in the diet after gall bladder surgery. Spicy foods also should not be included in the diet after gall bladder surgery.

Before surgery the gall bladder would have released more bile into the intestine when you have fatty foods so that that fat is absorbed properly. Post surgery the bile is released constantly in low quantities into the intestine and this quantity that is released is not sufficient to digest the high fatty foods.

Hence it is recommended to avoid them in your diet after gall bladder surgery. If you have these foods you may experience discomfort and symptoms like bloating or diarrhea, burping and gas are common.

You should keep in mind that fat and some of the vitamins that are fat soluble require the bile in sufficient quantities to digest them. So these foods should be avoided in the diet after gall bladder surgery.

There are many forums on the internet that discuss the various diets that are followed by patients who have undergone gall bladder surgeries.

These forums give you an idea by reading the opinion of other patients who have done these surgeries. A search on a good search engine in the internet gives you the links for these forums.


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