Laproscopic gall bladder surgery

Laproscopic gall bladder surgery is one of the most preferred types of surgery for gall bladder removal. Most of the people go for laproscopic surgery for quite a few reasons.



The primary reason for going for a laproscopic gall bladder surgery is less pain. It is found that in the traditional methods of surgery which are called open cholecystectomy, the pain in much higher than the laproscopic method of gall bladder surgery.

Working people can easily opt for this surgery since they can return to work very quickly. Staying in the hospital for treatment after the surgery is almost nil in most of the cases if they opt for laproscopic gall bladder surgery.

A laproscope is a device that is used to view the internals of our body. This device is used in the laproscopic gall bladder surgery to see what is being done inside our body during the surgery.

With the help of this device only the laproscopic gall bladder surgery is done. The laproscope has a camera that captures the images inside the body and projects those images in the computer monitor.

A doctor sees these screen images and does the operation. If the patient bleeds a lot during the surgery the laproscopic gall bladder surgery is not recommended.

In some cases the doctor may not able to see the gall bladder better hence he may stop the operation and recommend a conventional type of operation to remove the gall bladder.

The doctor will decide on the type of surgery that can be performed on a person depending on the diagnosis done and the history of the patient.

Certain instruments are inserted into the abdomen during a laproscopic gall bladder surgery. Hence there are chances for excess bleeding and infections.

The gall bladder is attached to a tube that is used to carry the bile. Sometime this tube may be injured during the surgery. Intestines and some blood vessels may also get injured during laproscopic gall bladder surgery.

These are some of the complications of the surgery. But it should be known that these complications are very rare. Hence a patient need not be afraid of the complications that appear in rare cases.

Keep in mind that most of the laproscopic gall bladder surgery is done successfully. Special care is taken for the diet of the patient. A doctor would recommend certain foods post surgery. A patient has to follow such diet for quick recovery from the operation.


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