Plastic surgery risks

Plastic surgery is being practiced from earlier days, mainly to reconstruct parts and restore functions of specific body parts that have been severely affected during war or any other accidents.

This is the reason for the word plastic in plastic surgery, as it is derived from a Greek word that has a meaning of “mold or shape”

Plastic surgery is currently being looked as means to solve problems related to loss of limbs, fingers or functions due to accidents etc and is also looked as a solution to solve problems related to a person’s appearance or looks.

Like any other surgery, plastic surgery comes with its own risks. For any patient planning to undergo a plastic surgery, the first and best way to reduce risks is to insist on undertaking the plastic surgery with surgeons who are capable and certified by the reputed boards of plastic surgery.

Patients planning to undergo plastic surgery should get detailed information from their doctors regarding the type of surgery, any alternates available, risks, recovery procedures, cost, etc.

Patients with other complications should convey their complete medical history to the doctor during initial consultations itself, so that the doctor can plan and perform the plastic surgery in such a way that risks are minimized for the patient.

Plastic surgery has undergone a lot of changes in recent times, and the risks have come down in a big way. Lot of research is being done in the field of plastic surgery and experiments and solutions reduce the risks of the surgery to a common man.

Recent inventions and advancements have made the plastic surgery simple and safe and have also reduced the risks for the surgeon as well as the patient.

New surgical instruments and technology advancements like lasers, computers etc, have made plastic surgery very predictable and increased the success rates.

Plastic surgery associated risks have come down to such an extent that even insurance companies have started covering certain types of plastic surgery.

The plastic surgery cost, time, risks and recovery times depend mainly on the type of surgery being performed and also on the part that is being reconstructed or fixed.

While simple surgeries can be done quickly and also heal quickly, in the case of complex surgeries, it might take months to even see the results of the surgery completely. In these cases the recovery periods are pretty long and can be very painful too.


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