Yearning for Stardom? Pay a Visit to the New Horizons Centre for Cosmetic Surgery

The choice of a plastic surgeon for cosmetic surgery is of paramount importance as one’s body beauty and health are at the disposal of some body else. Selection of a plastic surgery Chicago clinic entails sifting through various plastic surgeons ready to serve in the city of Chicago. A decision in this regard can be taken based on the credential, facilities and costs. It is also necessary to ascertain the medical accomplishments and certifications of individual plastic surgeons in Chicago.

One such plastic surgeon in Chicago in Dr. Gregory Turowski nosed for his impeccable credentials from Harvard and Yale. He has several years of experience in plastic surgery especially in cosmetic surgery. His expertise and level of medical accomplishment is so great that he has been included in castle Connolly’s “Top Doctors” Guide.

State of the Art Facility:

Plastic surgery is performed in company with a bunch of carefully chosen and highly experienced professional doctors to assist an expert like Dr. Turowski.

The plastic surgery Chicago centre foundation is a leader in the facilities for plastic surgery in Chicago and in the rest of the United States. The New Horizons centre for cosmetic surgery is the most sought after centre in the Midwest.

This plastic surgery Centre has exclusive settings providing the best in plastic surgery including non invasive technologies and treatments. Added to it, highly skilled board certified anesthesiologists, experts in the out patient surgical operations perform surgical procedures.


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