Affordable plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is proving as a boon in disguise to people who have lost the functions of their organs – say limbs, ears etc, and to those who want to improve their self confidence and self esteem by enhancing the way they look – for e.g. changing the shape of their nose , trimming the size of ears etc.

Deformities can either be a genetic problem or can be caused due to accidents. Plastic surgery is often employed to correct deformities either by cutting and sutures or by grafting, where skin from one place of the body is removed and is used to cover other places where skin has been damaged.

Affordable plastic surgery is the talk of the town in recent days. In earlier days, plastic surgeries were normally costly and only the rich could afford it.

However, in recent times, they have become more affordable, as new advancements in the field of plastic surgery have cut down the cost of the surgery to a great extent, bringing it down to an affordable level by most of economic spectrum, and have also made the plastic surgery as well as the post surgery recovery more simple, less painful and a lot quicker.

Most of the minor cases are affordable, for e.g. a typical ear pinning plastic surgery costs about 2500 USD on an average and if it is a more simple surgery like an ear lobe surgery, it costs about half of that amount.

Of course, the above mentioned amounts cover only the surgery cost. Other costs like the hospitalization period, medicines and other costs are not covered in these amounts.

Lot of research has gone into this field to make it affordable and new developments and discoveries have played a big part in bringing plastic surgery to the masses.

Technology advancements like virtual reality are playing a big part. For e.g. a person can use simulations to visualize their post-surgery appearance etc without undergoing the surgery and they can even see the effects of aging on their new appearance.

These bring a great amount of confidence to the patient and also makes it lot easier on the surgeon to set expectations right and overall reduces the cost to a big extent making the surgery whole lot affordable than before and thus more people are taking up plastic surgery than ever before.

This volume is also another driver that results in affordable plastic surgery.Insurance coverage is another reason for bringing the surgeries to affordable levels, reconstructive plastic surgery is normally covered by the insurance providers.

This might be based on the specific coverage terms and conditions and so anyone planning to undergo plastic surgery should check up with their insurance providers with respect to their specific coverage and the specific surgery.


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