Plastic surgery information

Plastic surgery is that field of surgery that is related to molding or shaping a person’s organs.

Plastic surgery originated from the need to reconstruct or to correct a body part that was damaged either due to genetic disorders or from accidents or other external factors.

Over a period of time, plastic surgery has developed into a separate field and it now caters to different kinds of cases and different needs.

Plastic surgery is generally divided into two broad classifications - reconstructive plastic surgery and cosmetic plastic surgery. They are not strictly exclusive and there is a lot of overlap between the classifications, but the main differentiator is the intent of the surgery itself.

In cases of reconstructive surgery, the main intent of the surgery is to reconstruct a body part or to restore function. In cases of cosmetic plastic surgery the main intent is to beautify or make a person look better or more beautiful.

Plastic surgery has undergone a wide variety of changes from its beginning. A lot of research is being pursued in the field of plastic surgery and lot of information is being generated with respect to articles, papers, experiments and their results etc.

In this age of information explosion, plastic surgery related information is also very freely available in multiple ways.

Patients planning to undergo plastic surgery can get related information about the specific kind of plastic surgery itself, different options, surgery procedures, cost, recovery periods and other kinds of information from the doctor’s office, hospitals or from the internet too.

Knowledge about the plastic surgery is an important asset to any patient who is planning to undergo one and information is freely available about both reconstructive as well as cosmetic surgeries.

Plastic surgery is undergoing a lot of changes based on new advancements and discoveries and patients should also get information about these, as they reduce the risk of the surgery and also the pain and recovery periods.

One factor that often comes to the patient’s mind is about the cost and whether his or her insurance would cover the surgery and associated costs.Reconstructive plastic surgery is normally covered by insurance while cosmetic surgery is not covered.

This is a general coverage terms and patients planning to undergo plastic surgery should provide information from their insurance providers regarding the specific type of plastic surgery that they are planning to undergo and get clear and detailed information about whether the insurance plan that they have taken, covers the surgery and if so to what extent.

This is very important as the insurance plans might have terms and agreements, coverage and deductible details that might not be clear for a layman.


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