Celebrities plastic surgeries

In earlier days, plastic surgery was primarily performed in order to restore the functions of organs that have been affected due to war or accidents etc.

This explains the origin of the word Plastic in plastic surgery which is derived from the Greek word which means “to mould or shape”.

In recent times, plastic surgeries are performed for two major reasons – cosmetic surgeries that are primarily performed to change or modify the way people look and reconstructive surgeries which are primarily performed to reconstruct a body part or restore the function of an organ that is affected.

Celebrities undergoing plastic surgeries are a very common phenomenon. In recent times, celebrities are even open about admitting that they underwent cosmetic plastic surgeries.

In the case of celebrities, they way they look is a very important part of who they are and their celebrity status and so they readily undergo plastic surgeries to make them look younger or more beautiful.

So in case of celebrities, cosmetic plastic surgeries are more common, although some of them undergo reconstructive surgeries to change the appearance of their nose, face etc, the primary need is to make themselves look better.

Plastic surgeries have come a long way from their initial days a few centuries ago. It is a major industry in developed countries, as it provides an option to people to change their appearance or to correct a deformity that they have to otherwise carry over all through their life.

Lot of research and money is being spent on plastic surgery and celebrity customers are one reason for this new found interest and advancement.

Celebrities have a lot of economic background and are also ready to invest and try out new advancements in plastic surgeries that can change their appearance.

A separate industry has mushroomed to focus on the needs of celebrities related plastic surgeries. Research institutions, surgeons, hospitals form a close network in this regard.

Celebrities related plastic surgeries come with big pay packets, but they also come with a need for secrecy and better judgment.

Most of these plastic surgeries are done based on a referral basis as there should be a lot of trust between the patient and the surgeon with respect to the success of the operation as well as the ability to keep the surgery details as a secret.

In terms of celebrities, plastic surgeries have become such a common trend, that it is almost like applying makeup. Nearly each and every celebrity (mostly film stars and other media related ones) undergo plastic surgeries – minor or major ones.


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