The Phenomenal Growth of Plastic Surgery in the Last Two Decades

Various persons are surprised on how frequent plastic surgery is been done today. To the less probability, you are to understand while one has a plastic surgery operation because the techniques of carrying out plastic surgery have become very highly sophisticated.

In this paper, to that effect, we will be talking few hard numbers that associate to plastic surgery, hence you can realize correctly how notable the techniques are.

- In the year of 1999 alone, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery noted that its doctors and surgeons had performed almost 11.9 million cosmetic procedures. Of these procedures, 18 percent were surgical and the remaining 82 percent were non-surgical.

- The well spread utilization of plastic surgery developed by leaps and bounds from the years of 2003 and 2004. There was a rise in the number of plastic surgery operations of forty four percent involving these years.

The number of non-surgical plastic surgery methods advanced by fifty one percent and the number surgical methods advanced by seventeen percent.

When the data sounds important, think on how much plastic surgery has developed from 1997: from this, the total number of cosmetic techniques being carried out every years developed by a surprising four hundred and sixty five percent.

Among these numbers, non surgical methods raised by a huge seven hundred and sixty four percent and the surgical methods witnessed a development which was approximately one hundred and eighteen percent.

- The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery noted how frequently many methods were carried out in the year of two thousand and four.

These effects revealed that the liposuction was the ideal plastic surgery method that was being carried out. Subsequent to the liposuction, breast enhancement was the next-more famous method. Eyelid surgery becomes the 3rd for 2004, followed by rhinoplasty and face lifts.

- To a larger extent, the causes that females and males receive plastic surgery differ. For females, the higher five more frequent methods carried out in a category were liposuction, enhancement of breasts, eye lid surgery, tummy tucks and facelifts.

Males on the other side, had a more variable record of more carried out surgeries. The common method was liposuction, followed by eye lid surgery that was greatly liked by both sexes. Then came rhinoplasty that was followed by breast reduction surgeries in male and transplantation of hair.

- We all know that plastic surgery can be costly but you may be surprised at the quantum of money that is used-up on plastic surgery across USA on a basis of every year. Americans spent in 2004, approximately 12.5 billion dollars in 2004 itself towards cosmetic techniques.

- Men still value for a huge number of the plastic surgery techniques being carried out when women have these more than men. Approximately 1.2 million cosmetic techniques were carried out in 2004 on men, standing for eight percent of all plastic surgeries carried out in the year.

- To the extent the non-surgical techniques move, the most frequently carried out were botox injections in 2004 that function to constrict the facial muscles, making a person to look youthful with reduced wrinkles.

The successive most frequent non-surgical procedure was hair elimination by laser, followed by chemical peel techniques and microdermabrasion. The 5th most frequent non-surgical technique was the utilization of Hyaluronic acid.


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